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Shorcuts and Terms

File info
  • Terms used to list the file information
  • .rar = very common compression
  • size = listed in Megabytes (Mb) and Gigabytes (Gb) – size of the file
  • type = MP4, AVI, MKV, PDF, JPEG – very common video and photo formats
  • duration = length of the film
  • resolution = film resolution
  • Cast
  • Shortcuts used to identify the cast
  • f = female
  • m = male
  • bf = black female
  • bm = black male
  • wf = white female
  • wm = white male
  • uwf = unknown white female
  • uwm = unknown white male
  • ubf = unknown black female
  • ubm = unknown black female
  • Video
  • Sometimes the screenshots listed in the post do not make justice for the video quality, newer content will have a video quality rating at the end of film description. The terms should speak for themselves.
  • poor video quality
  • decent video quality
  • good video quality
  • very good video quality
  • The video quality is rated by me and is it what i consider close/related to the specified term.
  • If older content is updated, a video quality rating term will be added.
  • Audio
  • Most of the video content has information about the audio/sound track listed in the post and these are the terms used:
  • no audio
  • with audio
  • with audio (music)
  • with audio (reel running)
  • Additional shorcuts / terms
  • Additional shorcuts and terms used on the website
  • better quality = film has better video quality than the previous version
  • film updated = film, poster or cast has been updated
  • version 2 = a second version of the film, different length, audio or quality than the previous version
  • no poster = box / cover / poster not available
  • not complete = the film or magazine set is not complete
  • (+) = ID addition
  • – = no information about (used on indexes)
  • not available = file not available (used on indexes)
  • download = download link available, all the links are opened in a new tab (used on indexes)