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Fling 6 – Victim of Pleasure

Fling Victim Of Pleasure

Fling 6 – Victim of Pleasure. US produced and published, 1977. Hardcore Limited. 45 meters. Classic 8mm color sex film, featuring Terri Hall and Hershal Savage.

Twosome sex, Sexy girl, Brunette, Skinny, Sexy ass, Blowjob, Deep throat, Pussy licking, Anal sex, Straight, Body cum.

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Libra 13 – Pussy Galore

Libra Pussy Galore

Libra 13 – Pussy Galore. Libra leaders of quality erotic films. For Adults Only.

US produced and published film. Classic 8mm hardcore sex loop, with audio (reel running). Unknown cast (f, m).

Twosome sex, Card game, Sexy girl, Hairy pussy, Couch sex, Pussy licking, Blowjob, Straight sex.

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Joys of Erotica 225 – Anal Sex Queen

Joys of Erotica Anal Sex Queen

Anal Sex Queen. Joys of Erotica 225. US produced and published Joys of Erotica 8mm hardcore sex loop, featuring Phaedra Grant and Mike Horner. Related to Pleasure Production.

Twosome sex, Sexy girl, Mature, Sexy body, Big tits, Bedroom settings, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Anal sex, Straight.

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Candy Girls 139 – An Itch For Love

Candy Girls An Itch For Love small poster

An Itch For Love. Candy Girls 139. Candy Girls 8mm color hardcore sex film, featuring Lee Carrol and unknown male. With audio (music). US produced and published sex film.

Twosome sex, Sexy mature girl, Hot body, Big tits, Bedroom settings, Hot body, Blowjob, Straight sex.

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Playmate Film 15 – Tits and Tongues

Playmate Film Tits and Tongues

Playmate Film 15 – Tits and Tongues. The Original Playmates. US produced 8mm color hardcore sex film, with audio (reel running). Twosome sex (f, m).

Sexy busty girl, Big tits, Brunette, Legal teen, Busty, Hairy pussy, Bedroom settings, Blowjob, Straight sex, Body cum.

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Venus Film V8 – Office Sex

Office Sex

Venus Film V8 – Office Sex. Super 8mm hardcore sex loop, with audio (reel running). Danish produced film. REPA PRODUKTION. Standard poster. Threesome (2f, 1m).

Office settings, Sexy girls, Legal teens, Skinny, Small tits, Secretary, Blonde, Hot body, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Straight sex.

Loop footage also used for: Climax de Luxe – Hoopy-Hoopy

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Pretty Girls 59 – Heather

Pretty Girls Heather

Pretty Girls 59 – Heather. Pretty Girls 8mm color sex loop, featuring Hillary Summers and Mike Ranger. US produced hardcore sex film.

Twosome sex, Sexy girl, Hot body, Hairy pussy, Sex from behind, Busty, Sexy lingerie, Blowjob, Straight sex.

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Seduced 5 – Three For Sex

Seduced Three For Sex small poster

Seduced 5 – Three For Sex. SUPER PORNOGRAPHY, by Hans Schlieger. Seduced US Published 8mm vintage color sex loop, with audio (music).

Two young models have a day off and decide to spend it having a threesome orgy. The action in this movie is superb. The three of them really enjoy one another by having orgasm after orgasm. Some good closeups and good group shots of stunning young models.

Threesome Sex, Bedroom Settings, Sexy Girls, Blonde, Brunette, Legal Teens, Hairy Pussy, Blowjob, Straight Sex, Facial.

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Climax de Luxe 13 – Candlelight

Climax de Luxe Candlelight small poster

Climax de Luxe 13 – Candlelight. Climax de Luxe – Las Vegas – London – Kopenhagen – Wiesbaden. German published 8mm hardcore sex film, published by Climax (DE). Color. Danish produced. Threesome sex (2f, m).

Sexy girls. Legal teens. Blonde. Brunette. Maid outfit. Legal teens. Hairy pussy. Lesbian sex. Blowjob. Straight.

Loop footage also used for: Continental Classics 3 (different version).

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Limited Edition 83 – Anal Ecstasy

Limited Edition Anal Ecstasy small poster

Limited Edition 83 – Anal Ecstasy. Limited Films. US produced and published hardcore sex loop series. 8mm color film, featuring Tiffany Clark and Randy Allen.

Tiffany goes from one climax into another when Brandy eats her pussy. Her head whirling, she deep throats his tool until he flips her over and buries his rod between her trembling buns. She loves to have her asshole reamed, and comes so hard Randy’s cock blasts again!

Twosome sex. Sexy girl. Brunette. Busty. Bedroom settings. Hairy pussy. Blowjob. Anal. Straight sex.

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