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Lasse Braun Film 313 – Petite Fleur

Lasse Braun Film 313 Petite Fleur a

Lasse Braun Film 313 – Petite Fleur. Oh! Paris loop series. Super 8mm vintage sex loop, published by Lasse Braun. France, Paris, 1971.

Outdoor sex, Sexy girls, Mature, Asian model, Small tits, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Sexy ass, Straight sex, Facial.

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Lasse Braun Film 314 – Hotel Amour

Lasse Braun Film Hotel Amour poster

Lasse Braun Film 314 – Hotel Amour. Lasse Braun 8mm classic color sex loop series – Oh! Paris. France, Paris, 1971. Featuring Ky-Sen amongst others.

Threesome sex, Sexy girls, Brunette, Oriental model, Lesbian sex, Hairy pussy, Small tits, Sexy ass, Blowjob, Straight sex.

Two versions available.

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Lasse Braun Film 315 – Magnifique!

Lasse Braun Film 315 Magnifique 1

Lasse Braun Film 315 – Magnifique!. Oh! Paris loop series, published by Lasse Braun. Color Sex Film. No audio. France, Paris filmed 1971. Classic, 8mm Film, Group Sex, Orgy, Party, Drunken Girls, Sexy Girls, Hairy Pussy, Sex Toys, Anal, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex. Two versions available

Six people meet in a cafe on the Camps Elysees. Between drinks the men caress the girl things… and the girls are quick to respond in the same style (box description).

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