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Possessed 51 – Amateur Night

Possessed 51 Amateur Night small poster

Possessed 51 – Amateur Night. Fibra ColorPossessed. Twosome sex (2f).

US produced 8mm hardcore sex loop, featuring Victoria Slick and unknown girl.

Sexy girls, Busty, Living room settings, Dildo, Sex toys, Shaved pussy, Lesbian sex themed loop.

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Possessed 67 – Come, Little Brother

Possessed 67 Come Little Brother small poster

Possessed 67 – Come, Little Brother. Superb sexual action in the finest European tradition.

Possessed 8mm color sex loop, featuring Terry Pepper and Craig Roberts.

Twosome sex, Sexy girl, Hot body, Hairy pussy, Sexy ass, Blowjob, Straight sex.

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Possessed 37 – Sex Fever

Possessed 37 Sex Fever small poster

Possessed 37 – Sex Fever. Vibra Color. Adult World. Possessed 8mm color sex film.

Classic US produced vintage sex loop, featuring Phaedra Grant and Mike Horner.

Twosome sex, Doctor, Sexy mature girl, Hairy pussy, Anal sex themed loop.

Female ID by walris.

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Possessed 36 – Horny Runners (version 2)

Possessed 36 Horny Runners poster

Possessed 36 – Horny Runners. Possessed 8mm hardcore sex film, featuring Bonnie Holiday and Mike Horner.

US produced and published. Twosome sex (f, m).

Sexy brunette girl, Skinny, Small tits, Hot body, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Straight sex, Facial.

Previous version: Horny Runners.

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Possessed 1 – Good Sport

Possessed 1 Good Sport small poster

Possessed 1 – Good Sport. US produced 8mm color sex loop series: Possessed.

Classic sex film, eaturing Kitty Shayne and Herschel Savage.

Twosome sex, Sexy mature girl, Hot body, Big tits, Busty, Hairy pussy, Sexy ass, Straight sex, Facial.

As FLBMAC31 mentioned in the comments, loop is part of Possessed longer series.

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Possessed 27 – Carpenter Cunts

Possessed 27 Carpenter Cunts small poster

Possessed 27 – Carpenter Cunts. US produced Possessed 8mm hardcore color sex loop. Foursome sex (2f, 2m).

Classic sex film, featuring Bonnie Holiday, Veri Knotty, Bobby Astyr and David Morris.

Classic, 8mm sex film, Sexy brunette girls, Hot body, Sexy ass, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Sex from behind, Straight sex.

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Possessed 2 – Double Dick Delight

Possessed 2 Double Dick Delight small poster

Possessed 2 – Double Dick Delight. Classic 8mm color sex film, featuring Suzanne French, Billy Dee and Ken Scudder.

Possessed longer series no2. US produced, 1980s.

Threesome sex, Sexy girl, Mature, Hot body, Hairy pussy, Interracial, Blowjob, Straight sex, Facial.

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Possessed 22 – Wet Crotch Saloon

Possessed 22 Wet Crotch Saloon small poster

Possessed 22 – Wet Crotch Saloon. US produced 8mm color sex loop: Possessed film series.

Unknown cast, Twosome sex, Bar settings, Cowgirl, Cowboy, Straight sex, Blowjob, Facial.

Two versions available.

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Possessed 25 – After Dinner Muffs

Possessed 25 After Dinner Muffs small poster

Possessed 25 – After Dinner Muffs. Vintage 8mm color sex loop, featuring Cris Cassidy, Miki Star and Ken Scudder.

US produced film.

Threesome sex, Sexy girls, Mature, Blonde, Brunette, Skinny, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Straight sex, Lesbian, Facial.

Female ID by Mad.

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Possessed 66 – Bouncing Breasts (version 2)

Possessed 66 Bouncing Breasts small poster

Possessed 66 – Bouncing Breasts. Possessed 8mm hardcore sex loop, featuring Leslie Winston and Ray Wells.

US produced and published 8mm film.

Twosome sex, Sexy girl, Busty, Big tits, Sexy ass, Straight sex.

Previous version: Bouncing Breasts

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