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Color Climax Film 1312 – Anal Lesson

Posted under: HD

Color Climax Film 1312 Anal Lesson poster

HD Color Climax Film 1312 – Anal Lesson. Classic super 8mm color sex film, featuring Lizzie.

Color Climax loop series. 60 m/200 ft. color de luxe. Denmark.

Sexy girls, Brunette, hot Body, Bedroom settings, blowjob, Anal sex, Double penetration, Straight sex, Facial.

Female ID by DukeOfNorway

Loop footage also used for: Sexorama Film 893

#1312 Anal Lesson. A randy girl gets introduced to the delights of anal fucking!

Her depilated girlfriend is already familiar with this enjoyable form of sex but she still begs for a dose, of course!

Size: 280Mb
Type: mp4
Duration: 00:06:21
Resolution: 1024 x 768

Color Climax Film 1312 Anal Lesson poster Color Climax Film 1312 Anal Lesson thumbnails

2 comments to Color Climax Film 1312 – Anal Lesson

  • DukeOfNorway

    Features Lizzie

  • sagitariushorsedick

    It is a great pity that exquisite deep quality of porn filming back in 1970-80s, along with absolutely normal super natural amateur models has been along the past years LOST AND REPLACED BY PROS, shaved pussies(default??)silicon tits, tasteless makeup who look and act so artificially. This goes so far by producing counterefective reactions by the public. Sex is today presented as pure, empty phisical happening, with no spicy feeling and inventive approach. To express my personal feeling, erotic and porn industry of today has no wibe which gives us quality and magnetism as essential ingridients. Hairless male and female models fucking in front of the camera do it mechanically. There is no personal real involvement due to demands od SUPERPRODUCTION. The only true quality champion of all times in porn production and creativity standards is STILL TODAY the Danish pioneer in the field of films and magazines: Color Climax Corp. Simple comparison will I am sure, justify these statements. Good deal of their quality level and reached standards lies in engagement of REAL NATURALS(models=ordinary people around you, of different background, proffesion and educatio). All they were sincerely and honestly looking for was GOOD SEXUAL EXCITEMENT AND EXPERIENCE where earning was not essential. The porn modelling was not at all the source of getting a considerable income. As one of very keen straight participants(1970s) with a 4-5 hours lasting hard erection (in front of the cameras and technical crew), together with my biwife who adored groupsex, gangbangs with several men(Anal, DAP, DP, cumeating) and later enjoyed also in [ … moderated] and three men) I speak from real, personal experience. It gave us enormous positive stimulation and priceless experience for our personal sexual life in years to come.

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