Danish Hardcore Film 591 – Ambitious Model

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Danish Hardcore Film 591 - Ambitious Model compressed poster

Danish Hardcore 591 – Ambitious Model.

Classic 8mm vintage color sex loop: Danish Hard-Core, by Color Climax.

Featuring Catherine Tailleferre and Nathalie Morin. Danish published, 1970s.

Threesome sex, Sexy mature girls, Living room Settings, Hairy pussy, Straight sex.

* Loop footage also used for: Rodox Film 650

* And European Classics 1

591 Ambitious Model. Two young French girls are having a good time in bed when an artist comes to deliver and hang a picture.

Whilst he hangs it, they enjoy an eyeful of the bulge in his pants. As he is about to make a sketch of one of them, he is seduced by her whilst her friend looks on and wanks.

His huge tool looks good between the French-womans enormous tits. A really stimulating film full of extraordinarily lecherous performance!

Size: 229Mb
Type: mp4
Duration: 00:07:38
Resolution: 768 x 576

Danish Hardcore Film 591 - Ambitious Model front box Danish Hardcore Film 591 - Ambitious Model first version

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