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Fanny Films 12 – Bikini Girls (version 2)

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Fanny Films 12 Bikini Girls small

Fanny Films 12 – Bikini Girls. Classic 8mm lesbian sex film, with audio (music). Threesome sex.

Sexy girls, Hot body, Small tits, Skinny, Bedroom settings, Hairy pussy, Sex toys, Pussy licking, Lesbian sex.

Previous version: Fanny Films 12

Featuring Dee Wensinger, Joan Cotner and Laurie Ward.

Cast ID by FLBMAC31

#12 Bikini Girls. Three of the most luscious girls decide to vacation at a beach resort swimming luxurious lodge and room … and then they discuss sex and what girls might do together.

The kissing starts, the nakedness becomes apparent finger fucking becomes evident, then one of the girls produces a couple of dildoes … therefore they find themselves sucking each other and fucking with the dildoes and in most cases, licking each other at the same time.

Beautiful bodies on beautiful girls, doing something sexually different and explosive.

Size: 93.8Mb
Type: mp4
Duration: 00:08:24
Resolution: 768 x 576

Fanny Films 12 Bikini Girls poster Fanny Films 12 Bikini Girls second version thumbnails

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