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Rodox Film No.706 – Spunky Dinner

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Rodox Film No Spunky Dinner

Rodox Film 706 – Spunky Dinner. Rodox loop. Rodox 8mm hardcore sex loop, featuring Tina amongst others. Color Climax Corporation. Danish produced and published, 1982.

Classic, 8mm film, foursome sex, group sex, sexy girls, big tits, busty, living room settings, blowjob, hardcore sex. Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, with audio.

Size: 122Mb
Type: mp4
Duration: 00:07:49
Resolution: 640 x 480

Rodox Film No Spunky Dinner Rodox Film No Spunky Dinner

3 comments to Rodox Film No.706 – Spunky Dinner

  • Avatar flbmac31

    Tina is the hefty girl w/ short dirty blonde hair w/ big tits and large areola.

  • Avatar Hoopsy

    Tina’s Appearance List

    Double Treat – 10/81 – CC 115, repr. SF 25 – rdx125bc – Busty Whores – DH 112 with Suzanne
    Wet Knickers – 07/82 – CC 118 – rdx63old – Underwear Love – EX 515 with Vera1 (mature)
    Dirty Dinner – 02/83 – CC 121 – cc102x – Spunky Dinner – DH 123
    Lesbian Quintet – BS 238
    Teenage Photo Gallery – TS 29 – Big Tit Lover – BS 247 with Suzanne
    Big Tit Seduction – DH 127
    Lucky Fucker – EX 513

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