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O.Z. Films 14 – Majorettes

O Z Films Majorettes small poster

O.Z. Films 14 – Majorettes. Ultimate quality. Featuring Helen Madigan.

OZ 8mm color films from CALIFORNIA. US produced lesbian sex themed loop (3 girls).

Classic, 8mm film, Sexy girls, Teens, Skinny, Brunette, Blonde, Hot body, Hairy pussy, Sexy toys, Sex machine, Pussy licking, Lesbian sex.

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Bionic Cock 3 – Terri’s Aria

Bionic Cock Terris Aria loop poster

Bionic Cock 3 – Terri’s Aria. U.S.A. produced 8mm vintage sex film, featuring Terri Hall and Roger Caine.

Fantastic hardcore films in true living color. Twosome sex (1 girl – 1 guy).

Sexy girl, Skinny, Brunette, Mature, Hot body, Living room settings, Hairy pussy, Sex toys, Blowjob, Straight sex, Facial.

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Tabu Film 29 – Miss Pimmel

Tabu Film 29 Miss Pimmel small

Tabu Film 29 – Miss Pimmel. Tabu 8mm sex loop film. Tabu Film Produktion. Germany published. Threesome sex (f, 2m).

Classic, 8mm sex film, Brunette girl, Mature, Bedroom sex, Sexy toys, Masturbation, Blowjob, Straight sex, Facial.

Two versions available.

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Athena 1 – Rubber Dickie


Athena 1 – Rubber Dickie. New! Athena. Athena film. Twosome (2 girls).

U.S.A. 8mm color sex film, featuring Irene Best and Tina Louise (blonde girl).

Sexy girls, Blonde, Brunette, Hot body, Shower sex, Hairy pussy, Sexy toys, Pussy licking, Lesbian sex.

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