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  • AvatarMelgert on Seventeen 126Seventeen 126 met SASKIA EEN KIND MAAR NU OOK AL EEN VROUW MET EEN VOLBEHAARDE KUT
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  • AvatarMelgert on Exciting 26Wat een zaadvragende oogjes die middelste fotos sperma in haar harige kutje
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Selecta S7 – A Lesson For Karen

Selecta S7 A Lesson For Karen small poster

Selecta S7 – A Lesson For Karen. Selecta 8mm sex loop series.

US produced and published film. Regular 8 – 45.7 meter – color. Unknown cast.

Twosome sex, Sexy girl, Light bondage, Spanking, Punishment, Hot Body, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Pussy licking, Straight sex, Facial.

Two versions available.

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Fanny Films 6 – Teeny Fanny

Fanny Films 6 Teeny Fanny poster

Teeny Fanny. Fanny Films 6. US produced 8mm hardcore sex loop, featuring Maggie Williams. Twosome sex (f, m).

Teen, Brunette, Ponytails, Busty, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Sex toys, Sexy ass, Hardcore, Anal sex, Facial.

Two versions available.

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Master Film 1765 – Master Girl

Master Film 1765 Master Girl small poster

HD Master Film 1765 – Master Girl. Master 8mm color sex film, featuring Anne Magle.

Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, with audio.

Filmlaboratoriet A-S. Denmark. Solo Sex (1f). Masturbation.

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Master Film 1733 – Teenagers Fantasy

Master Film 1733 Teenagers Fantasy poster

Master Film 1733 – Teenagers Fantasy. Teen-ager Fantasy. Super 8mm danish color sex loop series, by Filmlaboratoriet A-S.

Denmark produced and published film. Unknown cast. Twosome sex (f, m).

Sexy girl, Blonde, Skinny, Hot body, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Straight sex, Facial.

Loop footage also used for: Playboy Film 1733

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Master Film 1806 – Masturbation

Master Film 1806 Masturbation small

Master Film 1806 – Masturbation. Super 8mm color sex loop, by Filmlaboratoriet. Master Film. Featuring Cherry.

Sexy girl, Legal teen, Skinny, Hairy pussy, Masturbation, Solo sex. With audio.

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Limited Edition 106 – Never Enough

Limited Edition 106 Never Enough small poster

Limited Edition 106 – Never Enough. Classic 8mm color sex loop, Limited Edition – featuring Brandy?, Kevin James and Turk Lyon.

Limited Film. US produced sex film. Threesome sex (f, 2m).

Sexy girl, Skinny, Hot body, Nice tits, Hairy pussy, Sex from behind, Small tits, Sexy ass, Blowjob, Straight sex.

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Watergate Girls 4 – Cock Sucker

Watergate Girls Cock Sucker

Watergate Girls 4 – Cock Sucker. US produced 8mm vintage sex loop series: Watergate Girls. Color / Super 8mm. 200 feet reel. Featuring unknown teenage girl and John Holmes. Twosome Sex (f, m).

Sexy girl. Legal teen. Big cock. Blowjob. Straight sex. With audio (music).

Two versions available.

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Diamond Collection 153 – Grandpa Paul

Diamond Collection Grandpa Paul small poster

Diamond Collection 153 – Grandpa Paul. Sensual Erotica in vivid color. US produced Diamond Collection 8mm sex film, featuring unknown girl and King Paul. Twosome sex.

Grandpa Paul may worry about getting older, but not about getting softer! Young Julie stops by one day and blows his mind among other things. She bends over and he springs into action and a old dog teaches the pretty one a few tricks. Her lips part and he enters a real time machine and comes like the fountain of youth. Now Julie knows why he calls yesteryear the “good old days”!

Interracial sex. Sexy teenage girl. Legal teen. Skinny. Small tits. Hairy pussy. Blowjob. Straight sex. Facial.

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Diplomat Film 1017 – Teenage Girl

Teenage Girl

Diplomat Film 1017 – Teenage Girl. Diplomat 8mm hardcore sex film, published by Color Climax Corporation. Denmark produced and published loop. Threesome sex (f, 2m).

Sexy girl. Legal teen. Hot body. Skinny. Hairy pussy. Small tits. Blowjob. Straight sex. Facials. Teenage sex themed loop.

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Suze’s Centerfolds 2 – Tali (version 2)

Suzes Centerfolds Tali small poster

Suze’s Centerfolds 2 – Tali (version 2). Classic 8mm color sex loop: Suze’s Centerfolds series. US produced film. Solo sex. Legal teen. Teenage girl. Hairy pussy.

Previous version: Tali

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