The Best Of 8 To 4 (part 4)

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The Best Of To (part 4) compressed poster

The Best Of 8 To 4 (part 4). Featuring Lisa De Leeuw and Loni Sanders.

Caballero Control Corporation, USA produced 8mm hardcore sex loop, 1981. Twosome sex (2 girls).

Sexy girls, Sauna, Massage, Body oil, Big tits, Hairy pussy, Pussy licking, Lesbian sex.

* Loop footage part of adult feature film: 8 to 4 (1981)

8 To 4, part 4. Sexy Lisa De Leeuw is incredibly horny and a relaxing massage may be what she needs.

Lovely Loni Sanders is always ready to take matters into hand. These two sweethearts go at it hard!

Size: 149Mb
Type: mp4
Duration: 00:07:45
Resolution: 768 x 576

The Best Of To (part 4) front box The Best Of To (part 4) back box The Best Of To (part 4) first version

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