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Sexquisite 4 – Teenage Hippies

Sexquisite 4 Teenage Hippies small poster

Sexquisite 4 – Teenage Hippies. Classic adult 8mm color sex loop, featuring Geneva Lombardi and unknown guy.

Twosome sex, Sexy girl, Busty, Big tits, Hot body, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Anal sex, Straight, Facial.

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Sexquisite 5 – Wishful Thinking

Sexquisite Wishful Thinking small poster

Sexquisite 5 – Wishful Thinking. Classic adult 8mm color sex loop, with audio (reel running). US produced sex film. Unknown cast (f, m).

Torn is laying in bed jacking off wishing for a beautiful woman and his wish comes true. This fairy godmother sucks and fucks him better than he could ever wish for.

Twosome sex, Busty girl, Bedroom settings, Hairy pussy, Sex from behind, Blowjob, Straight sex.

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Sexquisite 9 – Tea And Tricks

Sexquisite Tea And Tricks small poster

Sexquisite 9 – Tea And Tricks. US produced and published vintage sex loop, featuring two unknown girls, unknown black male and Jamie Gillis. 8mm Color. Two couples (2f, 2m).

Couples. Sexy girls. Brunette. Hairy pussy. Interracial sex. Blowjob. Anal sex. Straight. Facial.

Larry & Pat go to the kitchen to make coffee but instead make each other – meanwhile Mary & Al taking advantage start fucking in the parlor. Mary takes it in the ass and both couples finish without the other knowing.

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Sexquisite 2 – Imagination

Sexquisite 2 Imagination 1

Sexquisite 2 – Imagination. Sexquisite 8mm color sex loop series. US produced and published film, with audio (music). Unknown cast. Twosome sex. Sexy brunette girl. Straight sex. Facials.

Sue is reading a horny book when she starts fantasizing about her lover. Joe walks in and Sue no longer needs to fantasize. MI her dreams cum true.

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Sexquisite 6 – Once Is Not Enough

Sexquisite 6 Once Is Not Enough 1

Sexquisite 6 – Once Is Not Enough. US produced 8mm vintage sex loop series – Sexquisite. Interracial Sex. Twosome. Unknown cast. Good video quality.

Betty is sleeping when Dan wakes her with his stiff cock, after fucking in every position he comes in her face but Betty is not satisfied. After 69ing she sucked him off as he comes the second time.

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