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Golden Girls 145 – Silky Smooth

Golden Girls Silky Smooth loop poster

Golden Girls 145 – Silky Smooth. U.S.A., 1980s.

Golden Girls 8mm color sex loop series, featuring Gina Martell and Shanna Evans. Twosome sex.

Sexy girls, Mature, Hot body, Skinny, Interracial sex, Living room settings, Hairy, Pussy licking.

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Seductress SS-20 – Hot Flesh

Seductress SS 20 Hot Flesh poster

Seductress SS-20 – Hot Flesh. Regular color sex film, featuring Andrea Adams and Shanna Evans.

Seductress A Golden Girls presentation. U.S. produced, 1983. Twosome sex (2 girls).

Sexy girls, Brunette, Hairy pussy, Pussy licking, Lesbian sex themed loop.

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Golden Girls 148 – Promise Her Anything

Golden Girls Promise Her Anything small poster

Golden Girls 148 – Promise Her Anything. US produced and published 8mm classic color sex film, featuring Shanna Evans and Ron Jeremy. Interracial sex (bf, m).

The only jewels she cares about are his “family jewels-. Her favorite candy is his “lollipop”. Promise her anything but give her a cock!

Twosome sex. Sexy black model. Big tits. Busty. Hairy pussy. Sexy lingerie. Sexy ass. Blowjob. Straight sex. Facial.

Three versions available.

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Golden Girls 143 – Hot Stuff

Golden Girls Hot Stuff small poster

Golden Girls 143 – Hot Stuff. US produced 8mm color sex loop series: Golden Girls. Featuring Shanna Evans and Marc Wallace. Interracial sex (bf, m).

When this lovely lady talks about VHS she’s not referring to video. It’s a very apt description of herself – “VERY HOT STUFF”!

Twosome sex. Sexy black model. Big tits. Hairy pussy. Living room sex. Blowjob. Straight sex. Facial.

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