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Lovers Film 1 – Sexy Photographer

Lovers Film 1 Sexy Photographer 1

Lovers Film 1 – Sexy Photographer. Love Hungry Nymphos Lovers. @1979 Rosebud Productions. US produced 8mm regular sex film, featuring unknown female and Dave Ruby. Twosome sex. Mature girl. Brunette. Big tits. Hairy pussy. Blowjob. Straight sex. With audio (music). Two versions available.

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Lovers Film 3 – Sexy Salesman

Lovers Film 3 Sexy Salesman

Lovers Film 3 – Sexy Salesman. Love Hungry Nymphos. US 8mm vintage regular sex loop, with audio (music). Lovers loop series. Twosome Sex. Salesman. Sexy Girl. Straight Sex.

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Lovers Film No.6 – Typewriter Repairman

Typewriter Repairman

Typewriter Repairman. Lovers Film 6. Lovers. 40.2 Meters. A Rosebud Productions. US produced and published. No poster. Twosome Sex (1f-1m).

Office Sex. Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy Girl, Brunette, Hot Body, Hairy Pussy, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Facial. Silent loop.

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