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Fanny Films 7 – 14 Inches Deep

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Fanny Films Inches Deep

Fanny Films 7 – 14 Inches Deep. Fourteen Inches Deep. US produced 8mm hardcore sex film, featuring two unknown females and John Holmes. @1973. Threesome sex (2f, m).

Sexy girls, Brunette, Busty, Hairy pussy, Blowjob, Big cock, Straight sex, Facial, Anal sex themed loop. With audio (music/reel running).

Loop updated with a second version.

When two girls really get hot and want a good fuck there is only one thing that will take care of them … a monsterous dick … and that’s what Leo has … fifteen inches and as fat as a salami….

He is sucked hard by both girls, then he fucks each girl in the cunt and still they are not satisfied so he jams that gigantic length into Pam’s ass … she screams for more and more…. The final flooding come scene is when both the girls lick at that tremendous prick and he comes into both their mouths at the same time.

Size: 277Mb
Type: mp4
Duration: 00:07:46
Resolution: 854 x 480

Size: 340Mb
Type: mp4
Duration: 00:09:54
Resolution: 854 x 480

Fanny Films Inches Deep Fanny Films Inches Deep Fanny Films Inches Deep

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