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Master Film 1722 – School Doctor

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School Doctor

Master Film 1722 – School Doctor. Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, with audio. Master Film loop series, by Filmlaboratoriet A-S. Featuring Christina (2). Danish produced.

Classic, 8mm Film, Fetish, Twosome, Doctor Sex, Teenage Girl, Blonde, Legal Teen, Doctor, School Girl, Skinny, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Facial.

Inge is a lovely little schoolgirl who falls in the playground and hurts one of her legs, she goes In to the School Doctor who soon forgets why she has come and instead he begins to feel her lovely bare thighs – she likes it, which she does not conceal, and the situation rapidly developer into hectic sexual intercourse in the School Doctor’s consulting room – we see here how a little schoolgirl can absolutely get a grown man to forget everything around him – especially when she licks his prick clean of sperm.

Size: 228Mb
Type: avi
Duration: 00:11:15
Resolution: 768 x 576

School Doctor School Doctor

12 comments to Master Film 1722 – School Doctor

  • Avatar Anthony Butler

    Need to know age of this actress when this was made

    • admin admin

      The model is Christina, she also features in Master Film 1721 and 1730.

      The loop was produced mid-late 70s and latter in late 90s – early 2000s distributed in compilations by Vicom ApS, as far as her age don’t know but she was at legal age to play in adults films.

      • Avatar Mr butler

        That’s great I just read somewhere that the actress were under age on colour climax but I don’t know if this was made by that company thanks for the information

        • admin admin

          That might’ve been Tiny Tove you read about, a Color Climax model, known for her adolescent appearance.

          I saw an article about her, but she was legal to play in adult films.

          CCC wiki’s page and her website (now down) quotes:

          “Tiny Tove was born in 1958 and started porn in 1979, as you can see on her official site. Indeed, she does look young and it’s not a surprise if she could have been mistakenly seen as underage. “

  • Avatar Me Butler

    That good to know so this actress is called Christina it quite hard to find more information about This actress

  • Avatar Mr butler

    Is here really name Christina does she have a second name

  • Avatar Mr butler

    Is there proof of her age cos I can’t find Notting to say she was legal age

    • admin admin

      That’s not her real name. Christina is her alias used in films and most likely she was given other aliases in magazines, as they often did back then.

      A professional film company re-published her films into compilations in early 2000s, that should be “proof” i guess?

      I don’t know any other info on her.

  • Avatar Anthony Butler

    OK that’s fine thanks I work for a company that searchers pornograhpy to see if there legal our illegal do you know what company re-published these videos

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