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Bi Bunny’s

Bi Bunnys poster

Bi Bunny’s. Classic Unknown 8mm lesbian sex themed loop. U.S.A. produced.

Twosome sex, Sexy girls, Skinny, Brunette, Small tits, Hairy, Pussy licking, Sex toys, Lesbian sex.

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Suze’s Centerfolds 6 – Debbie

Suzes Centerfolds loop 6 Debbie poster

Suze’s Centerfolds 6 – Debbie. Tequila Sunrise. Internationally famous sex photograper.

Suze’s Centerfolds Made in U.S.A. 41.7 meters. Distributed by Intex Amsterdam.

Sexy girl, Skinny, Legal teen, Hairy pussy, Hot body, Masturbation, Sex toys.

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Swinging Stewardesses 103

Swinging Stewardesses 103 poster

Swinging Stewardesses 103. Classic U.S.A. produced and published. 200 FT reel. Christmas themed loop.

Swinging Stewardesses series listed without title, only numbers.

Threesome sex, Sexy girls, Brunette, Hot body, Skinny, Small tits, Black lingerie, Hairy pussy, Sex toys, Dildos, Pussy licking, Lesbian sex.

Two versions available.

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Diverse Industries – Anal Ecstasy

Diverse Industries Anal Ecstasy title screen

HD Diverse Industries proudly presents: Anal Ecstasy.

Diverse Industries Inc. @1980 8mm sex loop, featuring Seka.

Solo sex, Twosome, Sexy blonde girl, Hot body, Shaved pussy, Body oil, Sex toys, Sexy ass, Anal sex.

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Thunder Pussy 3

Thunder Pussy 3 loop poster

Thunder Pussy 3. Thunder Pussy 8mm hardcore sex film series.

U.S.A. produced 8mm sex loop, featuring Linda Wong.

Lesbian sex, Asian model, Bedroom settings, Pussy licking, Lesbian.

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Call Girls 3

Call Girls 3 poster

Call Girls 3. Exciting Color. 45.7 meters. Super 8.

Call Girls 8mm sex loop, featuring Kristine Heller and Ken Scudder. U.S.A.

Twosome sex (f, m). Sexy girl, Hot body, Bedroom sex, Hairy pussy, Sexy ass, Blowjob, Straight sex, Facial.

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Erotic Dimensions 86 – Do it On My Face

Erotic Dimensions 86 Do It On My Face poster

Erotic Dimensions 86 – Do it On My Face. Classic 8mm lesbian sex loop, featuring Linda Shaw. Twosome sex.

Erotic Dimensions Beautiful Women’s most Exotic Fantasies. U.S.A. produced, 1982.

Mature girls, Busty, Big tits, Hot body, Bedroom settings, Hairy pussy, Sex toys, Pussy licking, Lesbian sex.

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Lusty Ladies 362 – Mouth Job

Lusty Ladies 362 Mouth Job poster

Lusty Ladies 362 – Mouth Job. Film Collectors Association. Featuring Anna Ventura and Jane Sikes.

Lusty Ladies U.S.A. produced 8mm color sex loop series, 1980s.

Twosome sex, Sexy girls, Big tits, Hot body, Hairy pussy, Sex toys, Pussy licking, Dildo, Sexy ass, Lesbian sex.

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Debauchery 6 – Tongue Sisters

Debauchery 6 Tongue Sisters poster

Debauchery 6 – Tongue Sisters. Classic lesbian sex 8mm loop, featuring Candida Royale and Kristine Heller.

Debauchery 8mm sex film. U.S.A. produced and published. Twosome sex (2f).

Classic, 8mm film, Sexy girls, Brunette, Hot body, Bedroom sex, Hairy pussy, Sex toys, Lesbian sex.

No numbers shown on Debauchery posters, serie might be unnumbered.

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DMR 17 – Big Tit Lezzies

DMR 17 Big Tit Lezzies loop poster

DMR 17 – Big Tit Lezzies. Unknown 8mm vintage lesbian sex themed loop. US produced.

Unknown cast (2f). Twosome sex, Busty girls, Brunette, Big tits, Sex toys, Hairy pussy, Lesbian sex.

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